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Car Rental Tanzania a local car hire company within East Africa offers free border crossing car hire services to self drive travelers wishing to explore Tanzania , Kenya , Uganda, Rwanda all which are member states in the East African Community.

Car Rental Tanzania team advises any person intending to enter into Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda should do so only for lawful purposes and in accordance with national immigration laws, guidelines and formalities by using clearly recognized entry & exist points in those respective nations to avoid being punished for illegal entry.

Travelers planning self drive safari in East Africa using a rented car from Car Rental Tanzania MUST have a valid Yellow Fever Immunization card, extra passport  photos to enable them get visas when existing or entering a particular country.

Requirements for cross border.

We as a local car hire company that has helped many travelers to secure their cross border travels, either visiting Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania : your required to apply for the visa in advance, except for Uganda & Rwanda where the visa is granted on arrival.

East African Tourists Visa doesn’t work in Tanzania and its advisable that you apply for it when going to visit Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya only.

Required Documentation for Self Drive Safari

When your planning to self drive in East Africa for long term holiday? Consider the following to enable you enjoy a relaxed adventure in Kenya , Tanzania , Rwanda & Uganda in 4×4 Jeep from Car Rental Tanzania.

  1. Wherever you go, you will need a valid passport and if relevant, a visa.
  2. You will need a valid driver’s license, and possibly an International Driving Permit .
  3. Original vehicle registration and license papers (or certified copies) will certainly be required.

For clients that have rented from Car Rental Tanzania , we do provide the required documents to enable get assistance from the border when crossing into another country and always ensure that you get the exist confirmation from the officials of the country your leaving by presenting the entry document that you were granted when entering it .

Please note : Tanzania Cars don’t access Kenyan Parks and the same , in this situation Car Rental Tanzania will provide you a Ugandan Registered car that access all the East African National Parks at Ease for your drive around Lake Victoria.

Must Have Key Documents

  • Covid 19 Vaccination Card / 72 Hours PCR
  • Yellow fever certificate
  • Passport photos
  • Birth Certificate

Travel Tips for Border Crossings

  • Remember that African border crossings are usually busy and almost always chaotic. Allow plenty of time to get through immigration before the border post closes for the night.
  • Try to remain polite and helpful at all times. Immigration officers are notorious for making the process more difficult mostly in Central African countries and northern Africa than it has to be or applying arbitrary charges for travelers that offend them.
  • If you’re renting a car, double-check that the vehicle registration, VIN, engine and chassis numbers match the documents you’ve been given. You will also need to know where these numbers appear on the car in case you’re asked to show the immigration officer.
  • Expect to pay several fees at the border. This usually includes a Temporary Import Permit, while several countries require you to purchase insurance from a third-party company with an office at the border post. Try to research the correct fees in advance so that you aren’t taken advantage of.
  • Certified copies should be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. You can usually get this done at a police station.

East Africa Border Experiences

  • Crossing Borders from Arusha to Nairobi
  • Crossing Borders from Nairobi, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda
    Travelers planning to visit Kenya from Uganda are advised to use either two Points that is Busia, & malaba Borers.
  • Crossing Borders from Kampala to Kigali
    Travelers planning to cross from Kampala Uganda to Rwanda are available to use either the three legal border points like Cyanika, Katuna, and Mirama hills.
  • Crossing border Tanzania to Mutukula Uganda.

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Note :

Not having a pen on you in order to fill out any visa paperwork is a classic mistake that could leave floundering at a border and wasting valuable time.


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